Shopping for Vintage Shoes Satisfies Your Shoe Jones

Shopping for Vintage Shoes Satisfies Your Shoe Jones

Article by Tia Jones

It is said that only some women have a thing for shoes. Maybe I just travel in circles of like-minded people, but I don’t believe I’ve ever met a woman who isn’t a shoe freak. Rich, poor, short, tall, beautiful, plain, homemaker or world-traveling business woman, they all love shoes. The problem comes in when your tastes run to the expensive or unusual. If you have a few million bucks, you’re in luck. But if your budget falls within the range of most of us, chances are your shoe jones is not being satisfied. How can you make sure you always have the perfect shoes for every outfit or occasion? Vintage shoes can solve your problem.

What are the advantages of buying vintage shoes?

* You can get a great pair of shoes for a fraction of what you would pay in stores. * You can find shoes that are no longer made as favorite styles, shapes and colors that just aren’t around anymore. * Vintage shoes can be really unusual and even exotic snakeskin or velvet, fabulously colorful or layered with appliqued leather dots or flowers, fabric and leather boots that could only be found in a high-end Texas shoe boutique and, guaranteed, would cost at least $ 450. Most of us won’t find too many shoes in our closets at those prices!

Best of all, vintage shoes have been previously worn. You might not see that as much of an advantage, but to have someone else break in your shoes for you is nothing short of regal if I were queen that’s one of the first things I’d arrange. Forget tasting my food, break in my shoes!! This is especially important if you’re one of those people who tend to wear backless shoes most of the time and whose heels, consequently, are very sensitive. No more chaffing or blisters, no more evenings with aching feet that take the life right out of the party.

Many <a href=” clothing shops also carry vintage shoes. But, frankly, your chances of finding something you really love, rather than shoes that just serve a purpose, are pretty slim. You have to keep going back every week, even more often if possible, because the stores don’t often get something really unusual and, when they do, they go pretty fast.

Your other option is buying vintage shoes online. A good online store goes out of their way to actually find these shoes for you. They’re not just standing behind the counter waiting for them to walk in the door. So they can have a great selection all of which are in good condition.

Unless you travel among the very rich, if you see a woman wearing one great pair of unique shoes after another, chances are she was not their first owner. Check out vintage shoes, and get your jones on. Then start your morning by opening your closet and taking a good look and it will make your day.

How can you make sure you always have the perfect shoes for every outfit or occasion?

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